Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bean Sprouts? (See What Happens)

can bearded dragons eat bean sprouts

Yes, bean sprouts are on the list of things that Bearded Dragons can eat. Below are some tips about how to provide your Bearded Dragon with this healthy nutritious food.

Bean sprouts are a good source of nutrition for lizards, including bearded dragons. The best way to offer bean sprouts is by having them in water, frozen or fresh. During warm weather months, you can keep them outside in their container without getting moldy since they will grow much faster when kept at room temperature during warmer months than refrigerator temperatures.

Always wash the leaves off before feeding due to exposure to bacteria when growing outdoors or wherever they are grown. Check out the vegetable list for bearded dragons.

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat bean sprouts

Do Bearded Dragons Like Bean Sprouts?

Bean sprouts are a popular food choice for many pet reptiles. Some people feed them to their pets while others do not. If you feed your pet multiple foods, it is good to note that their stool will change color depending on what they are fed.

For example, if they eat large amounts of green leafy vegetables then their stool may look green while if they eat oranges or carrots then the stool may appear orange or yellow. Even though most lizards like eating bean sprouts, it is best to offer a variety of foods.

Vegetable List

What Are Bean Sprouts?

Bean sprouts are often sold at the grocery store as a nutritious food option for humans to eat. They are typically sold fresh or dried within many specialty shops that sell healthy foods.

What Do Bean Sprouts Consist Of?

The sprout itself is made up of an edible bean seed, which has been allowed to germinate and grow until it has sprouted. This seed is often mung, soy, alfalfa or some other variety of bean that is common to many parts of the world. The sprout grows in water until it reaches an edible size which can be anywhere from 1/4-inch to 2-inches in length.

What Do Bean Sprouts Taste Like?

Bean sprouts are often boiled or stir-fried and eaten as a side dish at many Asian restaurants. They have a mild taste since they aren’t fully developed yet. Once the sprout has matured enough it will begin to develop more flavor, which can be anything from slightly nutty to soft and crunchy depending on what kind of bean was used.

In conclusion, bean sprouts are an approved feeding item for bearded dragons. They do not offer a ton of nutritional value but they are safe for your bearded dragon.

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