Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bedbugs? (See What Happens)

can bearded dragons eat bedbugs

Yes, they can. Bearded dragons are omnivores, which means that they eat both plants and insects to survive. Bedbugs fall under the insect category so it makes sense that bearded dragons could eat them. However, bedbugs are one of the most disgusting things someone could try to feed their bearded dragon, so there are definitely better options out there… Check out the Insects.

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat bedbugs

There are lots of reasons for why you don’t want your bearded dragon eating bedbugs. First of all is hygiene – not only do bedbugs drink blood, but they also leave feces everywhere they go (gross). If your lizard eats a single bug loaded with bacteria or parasites then there’s a chance it will get sick itself Another reason is that the bugs will be filled with pesticides from the person’s bed, so your lizards will be eating a bug that could potentially poison them.

Insects Bearded Dragons Can Consume

The proper way to feed a bearded dragon bedbugs would be to starve it for a few weeks and then introduce the bugs slowly. If you’re going to do this then there are definitely better options out there for feeding crickets, mealworms, cockroaches etc… But if you don’t care about getting your lizard sick (or think you can nurse it back to health) and want to go for the “wow” factor of giving your lizard something really off putting then go ahead and try one or two bedbugs. Just make sure to remove any parts of the bug might cause an intestinal blockage (like legs).

One last note – you can’t expect your lizard to eat bedbugs willingly (they’re not candy, after all). If you have any hopes of being able to feed them to your bearded dragon then put the bug in their tank first. If they are hungry enough then they’ll smell it and go for it. Otherwise just scoop up the bedbug into a container with holes so that an escaped bug won’t be able to crawl back out…

A much better alternative would be crickets or mealworms, which are easy prey compared to the bedbug’s natural defenses. There is also a chance that your dragon might take one look at it and run away, but this would only happen if the dragon is well fed.

If you are looking for a food to feed your bearded dragon that they daily, then I recommend crickets or mealworms. Compared to the bedbugs, these bugs are an easy prey and definitely won’t cost you diseases or diseases from their feces. If you decide to feed your bearded dragon with bedbugs, make sure it is underfed so that this encourages him to approach the bedbug alive. Do not give up on it completely, because everyone needs something unusual once in a while . Bedbugs can be purchased at bazaars or in some major pet stores so you should consider checking there first before trying this home-made recipe!

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