Can Bearded Dragons Eat Jalapenos? (See What Happens)

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Jalapenos

Bearded dragons are omnivores. They eat both meat and plant sources. However, this does not mean they can eat everything people do. In the case of the Jalapeno, yes, you can feed your bearded dragon jalapenos. As with a lot of things, it is best to limit your beardie’s intake of jalapenos to once a week in small quantities. Check out the vegetables for bearded dragons.

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat jalapenos

What Are Jalapenos?

Jalapenos and other chili peppers belong to the capsicum family of vegetables and fruits. Other types of peppers include bell peppers, cayenne pepper, habanero pepper, pimento, and pepperoncini. All of these are hot peppers.

These vegetables and fruits belong to the nightshade family, which is known for its alkaloids. Alkaloids make the heart race and can affect blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and digestion. They also cause irritation if eaten in large quantities. Jalapenos contain capsaicin, which stimulates nerve endings on the tongue and can cause a burning sensation.

List of Vegetables for Bearded Dragons

Benefits of Jalapenos for Bearded Dragons

The benefit of feeding your bearded dragon jalapenos is that they contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It boosts the immune system and keeps your beardie healthy.

Another benefit of feeding your bearded dragon jalapenos is that it provides them with a burst of energy. However, also like most hot peppers, it may cause nasal or sinus irritation if eaten in large quantities.

The Cons of Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Jalapenos

It would be best to limit your bearded dragon’s intake of jalapenos to once per week and only feed him/her one pepper at a time. Anything over this can cause serious digestive upset and even stomach burns for your lizard. Very spicy foods are not good for any type of reptile because their bodies are not built to handle them.

In my experience, some bearded dragons do enjoy jalapenos as a nice treat every once in a while, provided you stick to the previously mentioned restrictions. Be sure you do not feed your beardie anything spicy on a regular basis because it will most likely affect his/her digestive system.

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