Can Bearded Dragons Eat June Bugs? (See What Happens)

can bearded dragons eat june bugs

Yes, bearded dragons CAN eat June bugs. However, they probably should not. June bugs (also known as May bugs and June beetles) are omnivorous insects who largely eat vegetation such as leaves, flowers, tree bark and fruits. Although these insects can be found in some parts of North America around the months of April to September they are most abundant during the summer months (hence their name).

The reason I tell you this is because bearded dragons ARE NOT native to North America and so they don’t naturally have access to them in their wild habitats here. If we feed our pets something that isn’t part of their natural diet we run the risk of causing problems with their health. So while it won’t hurt your bearded dragon if he eats a couple of June bugs the main question is: will it be bad for him? Check out the insect list for bearded dragons

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat june bugs

Are June Bugs Bad for My Bearded Dragon?

That’s a good question and while some people try to argue that bearded dragons can eat June bugs, it’s really not the best idea to feed your pet these bugs. This is because they are so high in fatty acid content which can lead them to develop health problems including obesity.

Just as if you were giving table scraps to your pets be careful with what you give them. Try giving your dragon an occasional June bug instead of doing it every day, just so he’ll have the experience of eating them but won’t get hooked on junk food!

Insect List

Avoid June Bugs For Your Bearded Dragon

Just avoid feeding your bearded dragon June bugs, mostly for all of the reasons listed above but also because you should never feed your beardie any wild insects. You never know what that insect has eaten, a lot of them carry parasites, and you also won’t know what kind of pesticides that particular bug has come into contact with. The risks far outweigh the upside.

Also, there is no research supporting that June bugs offer any nutritional value to your bearded dragon’s diet. There are far more delicious and healthy alternatives that your dragon would love.

My Bearded Dragon Ate a June Bug, Should I be Worried?

June bugs have the potential to be dangerous for your bearded dragon but if you think he might have eaten one, don’t worry too much. June bug poisoning in beardies isn’t widespread and there’s no need to panic about it. If you see that your dragon has eaten a June bug or two then just monitor his behavior and make sure he doesn’t get sick.

One of the most common symptoms of June bug poisoning is diarrhea and if you see any sign of that (or vomiting) take your beardie to a veterinarian immediately. If he doesn’t get sick, then just monitor him closely and try not to feed him June bugs again next season!

Overall, June bugs are not a great source of nutritional value for your bearded dragon and the potential side effects far outweigh the benefits. It’s best to avoid feeding your dragon June bugs.

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