Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pickles? (See What Happens)

can bearded dragons eat pickles

No, bearded drags should stay away from pickles for the most part. While pickles will not severely harm a bearded dragon, it should be noted that too much salt is poisonous to the animal. In addition, there are other foods available, such as cucumber or dandelion greens that fill the same role as pickles without the risk of extra sodium and sugar/artificial sweeteners.

Bearded dragons have a metabolism similar to a snake’s and insects comprise most of their diet in the wild. They tend not to eat vegetables in nature, so it’s best for your bearded dragon to stick to its natural roots – leave those pickles on the side of your plate! Check out the vegetables for bearded dragons.

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat pickles

Pickle Nutritional Information

Pickles are high in sodium. A single pickle spear has about 2% of a person’s daily value for sodium or 110 milligrams.

The nutritional content of pickles varies depending on the type. For example, kosher dill pickles contain 1 gram of sugar per serving, while bread and butter pickles have no sugar at all! They do, however, have 170 milligrams of sodium per serving – that’s less than half a percent DV you’re getting there!

List of Vegetables for Bearded Dragons

Pros of Pickles For My Bearded Dragon

Pickles offer some benefits. For example, pickles are cheap and readily available in most kitchens or grocery stores. They also give your bearded dragon a change of pace when it comes to food.

Bearded Dragons like sweet tastes (they’re attracted to brightly colored insects!) so it can be tempting to give them something like a sweet treat after their meal or as an extra snack throughout the day. While these treats are fine in moderation, keep tabs on your dragon’s weight to see if it starts packing on the pounds.

Cons of Pickles For My Bearded Dragon

Pickles pose several risks, especially when you consider the health of your bearded dragon. If there is too much salt in pickles, this will cause your bearded dragon to retain water and it can become bloated. In addition, many pickle brands contain added sugars and there’s a risk of promoting obesity when you feed your bearded dragon these tasty treats.

Alternatives To Pickles For Bearded Dragons

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of good alternatives to pickles that are safe for bearded dragons. Fruit is generally something that most bearded dragon owners like to feed their pets. A half of a grape on occasion won’t hurt your bearded dragon, although it does have a small amount of sugar in it.

Other vegetables, such as cucumbers or dandelion greens can also be a good alternative.

In general, our final verdict should be that pickles are not a fruit or vegetable suited for bearded dragons. While it’s fine to offer your bearded dragon a pickle from time to time, there are other alternatives available for them instead!

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