Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies? (See What Happens)

can bearded dragons eat rollie pollies

Yes. Bearded dragons are omnivores – they eat both vegetables and meat. As with any captive animal, you should never feed it something outside of its natural environment. Rolly Pollies, also known as pill bugs, are a treat reptile owners commonly use to get their pets to cooperate during medical exams or photography sessions. Despite this, bearded dragons can indeed safely eat roly-polies in the right situations and quantities. Check out the insect list.

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat rolly pollies

Feeding Your Beardie Roly Pollies Safely

Since these creatures are small enough to be swallowed whole by your pet lizard, you must ensure that they do not contain pesticides or herb – ever! Most of these invertebrates are bred in captivity by either breeders or pet stores, so they arrive pesticide-free. To be sure about the source of your rolly pollies, ask for proof or do not feed them to your bearded dragon at all. When in doubt, opt for mealworms instead!

Rolly Pollies can be fed occasionally as a treat, but should never replace plant matter in your pet’s diet. Adults only need one per day while youngsters require two. By following these simple guidelines regarding where and when you feed your reptiles rolly pollies, everyone will stay safe.

Insects Bearded Dragons Can Eat

Are Wild Rollie Pollies Safe for My Bearded Dragon?

As with all wild insects, you should never feed your bearded dragon wild-caught rolly pollies. These creatures are often found in areas with pesticides or herbicides and could be carrying parasites.

Risks When Feeding Rolly Pollies to Pet Bearded Dragons

There aren’t any risks for you, the owner of the bearded dragon. However, there are potential problems for your pet if you get things right. Here’s why:

Can Rollie Pollies Make my Bearded Dragon Sick?

Most certainly yes! If these invertebrates come from an area where they’ve been sprayed with herbicide or pesticides, your pet lizard could suffer serious consequences.

Can My Beardie Get Salmonella From Eating Rollie Pollies?

You bet. There are reports of reptiles being hospitalized with salmonella poisoning after ingesting contaminated feeder insects. It’s not worth the risk!

If you are determined to feed your beardie rolly pollies, make sure they come from a safe place and are pesticide-free. Breeder or pet stores are the best bet. If not, do not give these creatures to your lizard!

Bearded dragons should be fed one insect per day – never more! You should also remove any uneaten bugs before bedtime – just in case.

Feeding live rollie polls is only suitable for healthy adult lizards who have undergone veterinary checkups within the last six months. Sick pets could ingest too many of them or get sick after being “tricked” into thinking the bugs are alive when they aren’t. Rolly pollies are also unsuitable for infants, females who are gravid or incubating eggs, and lizards who have undergone surgery.

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