Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice? (See What Happens)

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice

A question that has come up before is can bearded dragons eat mice? The answer is yes, they absolutely can. This is not a good example of something to feed your dragon though. You should stick to crickets or mealworms as the primary staple for your bearded dragon diet because these are healthier options for them. They are less likely to get worms from eating crickets and insects are better for their digestive system than rodents are. That being said, you cannot say no if you have mice available in front of your bearded dragon’s face since they will probably try to eat it sooner or later.

If a bearded dragon already has a proper meal plan in place, he/she should be receiving sufficient fats and proteins levels. Check out the insects for bearded dragons.

Is it Safe for Bearded Dragons to Eat Mice

What Is The Nutritional Profile in Mice?

Mice are high in fat and protein. An average-sized mouse (at about 50 grams) contains the following nutritional content:

1.8 grams of fat, 2.7 milligrams of cholesterol, 10.8 grams protein, 0 carbs, and 93 calories.

The best way to tell if you are feeding your dragon enough protein is whether or not there is a sizable bulge in his/her belly or not after eating a meal. If there is a large bulge, they have plenty of protein and fats to eat. If there isn’t a big bump it doesn’t mean that you fed them too little protein, but rather that they are losing weight because their protein is being used as energy instead of being stored as fat.

What Are The Benefits of Feeding My Bearded Dragon Mice?

There are no benefits to offering mice to your bearded dragon. You should avoid giving them any mammal meat at all or else you risk parasitic infection which can be deadly. Your best bet is to stick with crickets, mealworms and other insect types for a staple in their diet.

What If My Bearded Dragon Gets Ahold of A Mouse?

If your dragon does grab ahold of a mouse, chances are he’ll try to eat it. If you know he/she has a proper diet plan already in place with crickets and mealworms as their staples, you can probably just let him have his way. Keep an eye on the mouse to make sure that it doesn’t get too damaged and try to remove it from the tank if your dragon starts playing with his/her prey too much.

Can My Bearded Dragon Eat Pinkies?

Pinkies are baby mice that have not grown any hair yet, hence the name. They are very high in protein and fat however they are more acceptable for your bearded dragon to eat. Just don’t overfeed them pinkies. Also, the bones are much softer so your bearded dragon shouldn’t have any trouble digesting the pinkie.

What Are The Risks of Feeding My Bearded Dragon Mice?

There are many risks to feeding your pet bearded dragon mice. They can get parasites, diseases and internal injuries. These risks are more prevalent in reptiles that eat rodents than they are in lizards that eat insects.

Trying to digest the bones of a mouse could cause the impaction of the digestive tract. A life-threatening problem.

List of Insects for Bearded Dragons

Alternative Foods for Bearded Dragons

There are plenty of alternative foods for bearded dragons:

  • Most insects (crickets, roaches, silkworms, super worms, etc.)
  • Earthworms
  • Waxworms (particularly good for your dragon when they’re shedding)
  • Small pinkies (baby mice) instead of an adult mouse. The bones and fur are much easier to digest and the size is better suited for a beardie’s mouth.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice? – The Conclusion

Yes, they can eat mice. But it’s not recommended. Not only are there risks to your beardie but there are also plenty of other bugs that they can eat instead that will provide them with proper nutrition without any harmful side effects or issues which could arise from you feeding them something like mice.

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