Can Bearded Dragons Eat Snails? (See What Happens)

can bearded dragons eat snails

As it turns out, bearded dragons are surprisingly SAFE to feed on snails – but only from a certified farm source. Owners should be cautious when considering this as well because backyard snail populations can have harmful effects on pet lizards!

Wild bearded dragons are omnivorous – eating plants and animals and they are diverse and opportunistic predators, which means they’ll catch whatever prey comes their way.

The type of food varies considerably by location as well; what time of year it is plays a big part in this too! Wild Bearded Dragons particularly enjoy snails during winter months when cooler weather keeps them from warming up fully – but these same creatures thrive on hot central Australian terrain where snail herds flourish without interference from humans or other animals (barring cats). Check out the insects for bearded dragons.

is it safe for bearded dragons to eat snails

Avoid Backyard Snails

Most of our backyards have a snail population of some sort and it might be tempting to feed your bearded dragon the snails from your yard. However, please do not feed your dragon snails from the wild. You never know what kind of pesticides these snails may have encountered as well as any bacteria they might harbor. Stick to farm-raised snails for your bearded dragon to be safe.

Are Snails Good For My Bearded Dragon?

Snails contain healthy amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids that are beneficial to bearded dragons. Their shells are all calcium which will help your beardie maintain strong teeth and bones.

Yes, it is safe to offer bearded dragons small farmed snails. However, they’re not a natural part of their diet and may refuse them just because they haven’t developed a taste for them.

Advantages of Feeding My Bearded Dragon Snails

Bearded dragons are omnivores, so it is essential they receive both plant and animal proteins. Snails pack a nutritional punch for your bearded dragon without leaving him feeling weighed down with food. Most of the snail consists of meat which will provide the protein he needs while also not clogging up his system too much.

Snails are relatively easy to find and they’re often only a dollar or two at the local pet store. Bearded dragons will eat these creatures with no problem, but it is always a good idea to bring your beardie a few snails before purchasing them in bulk for his feeding pleasure.

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Disadvantages of Feeding My Bearded Dragon Snails

Snails can carry parasites and they emit a slime which is a big part of how they move around. This means that this slime could contain harmful bacteria and parasites to bearded dragons so it is important to avoid feeding your dragon snails from the wild or buying them at low-end, bargain pet stores.

There is also a risk of impaction. Impaction occurs when a dragon has consumed something that is either too big or too difficult for him/her to digest. This can create big intestinal problems and in some cases, the ingested food could push against the spinal cord of your dragon and result in paralysis. So, if you’re going to feed your bearded dragon snails, make sure the snail is no bigger than the space between your beardie’s eyes.


Like most foods for bearded dragons, moderation is best. While snails contain many beneficial nutritional elements, your beardie just may not like them. Don’t force them to eat them. Never allow them to be fed backyard/wild snails either because of the risk of poisoning. Also, be wary of impaction from the snail’s shell. If you are going to feed your bearded dragon snails, make sure they’re farm-raised and fresh!

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